The Significant Other Festival 2013

Significant other: colloquially used as a gender-blind term for a person's partner in an intimate relationship without disclosing or presuming anything about marital status, relationship status, or sexual orientation.


10 x 10 minute plays, 10 writers, 10 directors, 20 actors – all in 10 days
21-25 May, 2013 20:00
25 May matinee 15:30
at The Park Theatre

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Join us for the second annual Significant Other Festival as 10 writers create their 10 minute masterpiece, joined by 10 directors and 20 actors – all in 10 days. 10 original works will be created around the theme “significant other” in addition this year we will add a genre as a stimulus. The flavours of Musical, Horror, Western etc all while remembering our key values of ‘magic in the mundane’ and ‘the extraordinary in the everyday’.
As a stimulus, the genre can be utilised as much or as little as the Writer deems useful. For example for Western we are not expecting to see full on Cowboys and a story set in the Old West. It’s just a jumping off point, so if a convention of Western is the standoff at high noon, how could we reference that in a modern play about relationships? A lunchtime confrontation over the new girl in the office? A couple agree to meet over a Sunday lunch at midday to discuss breaking up? We hope that by adding another stipulation we will unlock even more creativity!

★★★★ everything theatre
★★★★ Grumpy Gay Critic
★★★ views from the gods
★★★ Female Arts
“A rather enjoyable evening… A packed evening of mini plays!” –Hugh Chapman
“…really clever writing and the evening showcased some great talent on the London theatre scene.  It left me thinking that this is something that should happen more than just once a year and I look forward to the next round.” –Hackney Hive
“The Significant Other can be best described as flicking through the glossy pages of a real life-story magazine.” –Frost Magazine

The Significant Other Festival 2013 featured

Director Tom Edge
Writer Caro Dixey
Actor Nina Moniri
Actor Nathalie Pownall

Director Cat Robey
Writer Will Howells
Actor Dominic Ridley
Actor Caitlin Ince

Director Mike Carter
Writer Lemon Otter
Actor Daniel Page
Actor Alex Fisher

Director Bryony Thomas
Writer Kate Webster
Actor Theo Ancient
Actor Emily Aitcheson

Director Carly Sheppard
Writer Camilla Whitehill
Actor Alfie Rowland
Actor Kim Burnett

Director Gavin Dent
Writer Julie Green
Actor Neil Sheppeck
Actor Sarah Winn

Director Bryony Jervis-Taylor
Writer Penny Faith
Actor Lucy Fazey
Actor Ryan Wichert

Director Madeline Smith
Writer Jonathan Skinner
Actor Caroline Short
Actor Lynne Rodgers

Director Jo Greaves
Writer Nick Myles
Actor Alex Morrison
Actor Luca Pusceddu

Director Ben Carpenter
Writer Jo Pockett
Actor Chloe Wigmore
Actor Alex Kiffin