The Significant Other Festival 2015

Significant Other; Object of Affection took place at the Tristan Bates Theatre on 16th – 21st March 2015.

10 x 10 minute plays, 10 writers, 10 directors, 20 actors – all in 10 days. We found a great new bunch to add to the Pensive Family and we called in some very special ALL STARS to help us deliver a fantastic show!

The 10 days began on March 6th.

Tom Blyth Jayne Edwards
Kim Burnett John Rayment
Anthony Cozens Sidney Aldridge
Kate Donnachie Simon Kent
Chris Anderson Emer McDaid
Jenny Wills Ross Mcnamara
Jeremy Donovan Catherine Nix-Collins
Mkaya Carrington Danny Steele
Jared Rodgers Tracey George
Felicity Walsh Gabrielle Curtis
Directors Writers
Caro Dixey Alan Harris
Paul Thomas Anna Forsyth
Laura Attridge Leah Cowan
Liz Hunter Breman Rajkumar
Michela Sisti Daniel Hinchliffe
Bryony Thomas Kevin Jones
Gavin Dent Giles Fernando
Maddy Moore Brian Coyle
Tom Edge Hayley Wareham
Jess Radcliffe Joseph Lidster

“The Pensive Federation thrive on challenge, never content to do things the easy way and reinvigorating the fringe circuit with plenty of new ideas. If that’s not enough to make them the object of your affection, I don’t know what is.” ★★★★ View from the Gods