The Significant Other Festival 2012

Significant other: colloquially used as a gender-blind term for a person's partner in an intimate relationship without disclosing or presuming anything about marital status, relationship status, or sexual orientation.


7 x 7 minute plays, 7 writers, 7 directors, 14 actors

We asked 7 writers to create a 7-minute play each in 7 days with the theme of the Significant Other. We handed the scripts over to a director and a company of 2 actors and gave them 7 days to stage it. The result was The Significant Other Festival – staged just before millions of couples celebrated Valentine’s Day.

By creating theatre in a confined period of time, we hoped to capture what real people thought and felt about love and relationships in the 21st century. Through this format, we were able to draw together a company of creative people from different backgrounds, and experience. The resulting mix brought us short snippets of love, lust, fantasy, hate, revenge, and passion.

Produced by The Pensive Federation, the 2012 festival sold out prior to opening in February. They look forward to working on The Significant Other Festival #2 in 2013. Stay tuned for more details.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with The Pensive Federation and everyone else involved throughout the creative challenge. I have loved every second and can’t wait to see what the future holds for the company.”
Significant Other Festival 2012 Actor

Poster design by Calu Lema