The Significant Other Festival 2014

Significant other: colloquially used as a gender-blind term for a person's partner in an intimate relationship without disclosing or presuming anything about marital status, relationship status, or sexual orientation.


Our annual Significant Other Festival returned for the third year at the Tristan Bates Theatre

10 x 10 minute plays, 10 writers, 10 directors, 20 actors – all in 10 days

1st – 5th July 2014  at Tristan Bates Theatre  

The Significant Other Festival – 10 writers create their 10 minute masterpiece, joined by 10 directors and 20 actors – all in 10 days. 10 original works will be created around the theme “significant other” in addition this year we added an undercover element as an extra stimulus



★★★ This is a brilliant and thoroughly entertaining festival, even without taking into account the astonishingly short time taken to put the plays together. – Everything Theatre

★★★★ This labour-intensive period has been a crucible of creativity, producing short plays that stand up in their own right, as well as collectively in a festival. – Female Arts