Significant Other; Conditions 2016

Significant Other; Plus One took place on 29th February – 5th March.

Our biggest production to date in drew sold out audiences and lots of praise.

‘(The Pensive) Federation has successfully brought to the London stage some remarkable, different and challenging work’

‘…this is a vintage year for the Significant Other Plus One event and it will be remembered with fondness for a long time. Female Arts

‘When it comes to new writing, it’s hard to find fresher material than the Pensive Federation’s work.’ View from the Gods

The Company was


Playwright                     Julie Burrow

Director                         Jessica McKenna

Actor                             Zoe Lambrakis

Actor                             Sarah Leigh

Plus One                       Leanne Everitt


Playwright                    Olivia Gawn

Director                        Brigitte Adela

Actor                             Annie Jackson

Actor                             Tamara Camacho

Plus One                        Jared Rogers

The Last Crusade

Playwright                        Barry Dunstall

Director                            Jayne Edwards

Actor                                Sadie Clark

Actor                                Joanna Reyes

Plus One                          John Rayment


Playwright                        Tom Powell

Director                            Joe Allan

Actor                                Sophie Mercell

Actor                                Rachel Agustsson

Plus One                          Katherine Rodden

puppy dog tails

Playwright                      Paddy Cooper

Director                          Anthony Cozens

Actor                               Jessica Aquilina

Actor                               Adam Buchannan

Plus One                         Hannah McClean



Playwright                      Oliver Selby

Director                          Neil J. Byden

Composers                    Lemon Otter & Franner Otter

Actor                              Roger Dipper

Actor                               Lydia Shaw

Plus One                        Antonia Bourdillon



Playwright                        Jonathan Edgington

Director                            Lucy Curtis

Actor                                 Maddy Moore

Actor                                 Steven Mills

Plus One                          Helen Jessica Liggat



Playwright                       Anne-Sophie Marie

Director                           Noa Nikolsky

Actor                                Zoe Mills

Actor                                Tara Dowd

Plus One                          Rhiannon Story



Playwright                     Elizabeth Adlington

Director                         Kasia Rozycki

Actor                              Rowena Bently

Actor                              Luke Lampard

Plus One                        Ben Carpenter


Roast Beef

Playwright                     Jasmine Jones

Director                         Alan Walsh

Actor                              Karl Sedgwick

Actor                              Alex Dowding

Plus One                        Kim Burnett