The Collective Project 2013

8 writers, 8 directors, 8 plays, 12 actors, 12 days

19th-23rd November 7.30pm nightly | 2pm matinee on the 23rd November
£12, £10 concessions
Camden People’s Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Rd London NW1 2PY
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★★★★ ‘…there’s just too much talent, no weak links…one of the most successful new writing nights I’ve seen this year.’ – viewfromthegods

★★★ ‘…I really enjoyed the evening, I laughed (A LOT), and I was close to tears at points. It was great to see new writing (playing to a packed house!) given not only a space but encouragement, guidance and challenges. A fantastic project – long may it continue’. –everything theatre

★★★’…all the actors had a gift for timing…overall this was an enjoyable evening and a – truly collective – company to watch.’ –female arts

The Collective Company is Cassandra Bond, Kim Burnett, Mike Carter, Polly Churchill, John-Paul Conway, Andrew Curtis, Gavin Dent, Alexandra Donnachie, Sarah Ford, Will Howells, Richard Jaques, Laura Kim, Dilek Latif, Christopher Lawson, Joseph Lidster, Guleraana Mir, Madelaine Moore, Patrick Neyman, Daniel Page, Jo Pockett, Alfie Rowland, Neil Sheppeck, Michael Shon, Caroline Short, Rhiannon Story, Bryony Thomas, Kate Webster, Ryan Wichert.

Playwright Andrew Curtis
Workshop Gavin Dent
Director Neil Sheppeck

Playwright Mike Carter
Workshop Richard Jaques
Director Gavin Dent

Playwright Guleraana Mir
Workshop Bryony Thomas
Director Sarah Ford

Playwright Kate Webster
Workshop Madelaine Moore
Director Laura Kim

Playwright Will Howells
Workshop Neil Sheppeck
Director Chris Lawson

Playwright Joseph Lidster
Workshop Chris Lawson
Director Richard Jaques

Playwright Jo Pockett
Workshop Laura Kim
Director Madelaine Moore

Playwright Polly Churchill
Workshop Sarah Ford
Director Bryony Thomas
The inspiration? Collective nouns.

colony, congregation, company, murmuration, gang, coalition, litter, pack, brace, horde, pride, family, blessing, mob, cohort, army, swarm, faculty, troupe, team, squad, bevy, troop, chapter, company, congregation, panel, gang, bench, colony, audience, party, band, crowd, posse, crew, choir, picket, coven, fellowship, host, dossier, bunch, rosary, galaxy, anthology, watch, caravan