Rewritten began in 2013, we wanted to develop our challenge to ask writers to work in new ways. We had seen an ever growing links and crossovers in our short play festivals and decided to develop this further. We wanted to see what would happen if a number of writers started with the same source material and re-ordered, reworked and rewrote that script into something new. Rewritten 2013 was a real success but we felt we could go one stage further and have even more collaboration and really link separate pieces to become more like variations on a theme.

Writers were asked to take inspiration from a simple five page script; a story of a man who decided for undisclosed reasons to withdraw and spend the day or maybe his future alone. The writers created their own story for his morning, afternoon and evening of that day. Next we did a further step, the writers then read each others work and blurred the lines borrowing and expanding to create a hybrid character and a fractured reality. From this Lance and his day was born – reordered, reworked, and rewritten.

Rewritten was first performed at the Tristan Bates Theatre 3rd – 8th August 2015

Morning By Leah Cowan

Afternoon by Mike Carter
With music by Lemon Otter and Franner Otter

Evening by Serena Haywood

Performed by Neil J. Byden

Directed by Chris Lawson

Praise for Rewritten

‘…damn good fun…but when the occasion demands it, a seriousness and sincerity stops you in your tracks. **** Female Arts

‘Rewritten is a deeply creative, entertaining and poignant piece of new writing. ‘**** View From The Gods