Pensive Moments

A unique collaboration with Director and Composer Thomas Michaelson

One – Do you love me?

Two – Yeah.

Three – Good

Antonia Bourdillon in Dialogue h

Simple dualogues written by our AD Neil J. Byden have been used in our auditions, workshops and crucially in our Inspiration Sessions for the last few years. They have certainly done their job, as they inspired Actor/Director/Composer Thomas Michaelson to craft them into short films each inspired and influenced by a cinematic style or director.

Selwa Jghalef & Tristan White in Dialogue e

Watch Dialogue i and e now on Youtube

Dialogue e

Starring Selwa Jghalef, Abigail Moore, Andre Skeete, Tristan White

Dialogue i

Starring Selwa Jghalef, Tristan White

Director of Photography

Enrico Pfiffer


Thomas Michaelson, Tom Evan, Clare Aster (i)

Owen Spence, Thomas Michaelson, Drums by PJE (e)


Paola Piras