The Collective Project 2013 – Day 10

It’s astonishing to us that we’re already in day 10 of 12 but it’s fantastic to be reminded about how the company has come together brilliantly to create theatre – together.   We’ll admit, the last push into day 10-12  will be a tough one.  Just a recap then:

It all started in day 1 with the inspiration session whereby the company finally met each other and the experiment began.  Writers were then thrown into the deep end and with the help of a workshop, their scripts starting pouring in.  Surprisingly (although perhaps not if you’re a writer), there was TOO many ideas and inspiration which became a challenge to reign it all into a 12 minute play.

Happily, the writers passed the batons on at our read through and where the actors got their first glimpse into what they’ve signed up for.

And now here we are, day 10!  Rehearsals are full on for all 2 teams of collectives.  Staging, character work, costume, props – it all needs to come together by tomorrow night and we’re ready for the challenge!

Keep checking back, we’ve got 2 days left till the Tech and Dress run – and then it’s all a go!