And we’re wrapped

So all good things as they say…
It was a interesting moment when Siân playing Siân in Bevy by Mike Carter said the line: ‘C’mon guys this is the last time you’ll be together for a while’ it was a real case of life imitating art.  Our cast had by this point, become so bonded and a highly functioning unit they’d even started referring to themselves as PenFedders.  So in many ways while the first night recognised the achievement that we, in the 12 day time limit created 4 new 12 minute plays, it also demonstrated that our secondary goal of forming a team/group/company – a collective – had been also achieved.
As Producers, we could not have been more happy with the way things went and what everyone achieved in just 12 days and 7 performances. Of course we’ve learnt a lot, this being only the first time we attempted The Collective Project but its success means that it won’t be the last. We are excited to try and build on this and pour all the knowledge and experience we gained into the second annual Significant Other Festival.
Our company is growing and we really feel we are defining and refining what it is we want to be.  The magic in the mundane and the core things that all people can relate to; the need to love and the desire to be loved, to be seen in the world and acknowledged for the person you are and not the labels you wear.
One thing to be particularly pleased about The Collective Project was that we had 6 actors interacting with each other on stage.  All 4 pieces were truly ensembles.  An aim of our company is to really examine the way people communicate with each other – the spoken and the unspoken – and that was true in the moment Siân said that line.  For all of us PenFedders, it had even more resonance that you can imagine.
A huge thank you to our collective team.  You were magnificent.