And we’re on…

After an exhaustive week of intense rehearsals we left our rehearsal space behind and arrived at Camden People’s Theatre. Tech days are never easy and trying to tech 4 shows in 4 hours, with the additional challenge of video, made it seem at some moments insurmountable.

But as our actors arrived, we realised that they had the real challenge. Let’s not forget they only saw a finished script on Thursday evening only 96 hours before they were due on stage. It’s like the acting equivalent of high wire walking, you have to just keep going even if you wobble. The strength of this project is their incredible versatility as actors; They inspired our writers to create four very different scripts and all the directors have remarked on how brilliant they are as a team, which of course was the genesis of this project.

We’ve compared this project to a relay race with the baton being passed from Producer to Writer to Director to Actor and that’s where the show is now, safely in the firm grip of our actors.   And what’s more, we’ve had magnificent crowds who’ve loved it; We think they understood what they were witnessing was a great team doing what they do best. 2 performances down, 5 to go.  Do you have your ticket?