We’re nearing the end of day 8…

And things are kicking off.  So far we’ve had:

Day 1 – The Exploration Session – putting the whole company in 1 room and challenging them with activities as a group. By the end of the night, we sent off the actors and directors and started collaborating with all 4 writers to develop an arc to the entire show.


Day 2 and 3 – We paired up the writers with a director to begin preparation of the workshop sessions in Day 4 and 5.

Day 4 and 5 – Inspiring sessions in collaboration.


Day 6 – Deadline for the first draft – stunning work!

Day 7 – Checked in with director and writer pairs.

And here we are approaching the end of the day 8.  It’s been a real whirlwind and it’s just over halfway.  Props, costume, tech – it’s all crowding our heads but we look forward to our next few sessions this weekend.  The company has been absolutely fantastic.  We know this could not happen without them.

As important as the 12 day process is, we recognise the next step and invite you, as an audience member, to join the collective.

We open in less than a week and hope to see you there.

4 writers, 4 directors, 4 plays, 6 actors, 12 days — 1 group

1-5 October, 8pm
6 October, 3pm & 8pm
Camden People’s Theatre
58-60 Hampstead Road, NW1 2PY
08444 77 1000 www.cptheatre.co.uk
Tickets £12, £10 concessions


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