The Collective Project

The time has whizzed by and The Collective Project is here. Unbelievable really.  But we’re absolutely chuffed to bits to kick it off with Day 1 in proper style.  Tonight we welcome the entire company, put them in a room, and see what happens… updates to follow.

But first, read on about where and how the project began.

What’s it all about then?
After a truly inspiring (and sold out) run of The Significant Other Festival, we re-grouped and looked at what we should do next.  We wanted to work with The Significant Other company again but how?

It took 1 night, over a bowl of Itsu curry for it all to come together (in retrospect, surprising how fast the ideas came and over curry to boot).

We wanted to:

  • challenge our artists
  • ‘force’ the company to work collaboratively
  • stick to a short timeline; we find this feeds creativity and urges the company to trust their instinct

And so The Collective Project was born.

The Numbers
We love our numbers so we chose:

4 x 12 minute plays over 12 days
4 directors, 4 playwrights, 6 actors

The Theme and Inspiration
Collaboration was the key; blurring out some of the defined roles of actor, director and playwright; groups and group behaviour – all whilst seeking out the extraordinary in the everyday.

The inspiration? Collective nouns.

colony, congregation, company, murmuration, gang, coalition, litter, pack, brace, horde, pride, family, blessing, mob, cohort, army, swarm, faculty, troupe, team, squad, bevy, troop, chapter, company, congregation, panel, gang, bench, colony, audience, band, crowd, posse, crew, choir, picket, coven, fellowship, host, dossier, bunch, rosary, galaxy, anthology

The Process
It all takes place in 12 days, so think: writing vigorously, directors facilitating and leading intensely, actors improvising and memorising furiously.  It will all come together at the end of Day 12 for performances at The Camden People’s Theatre.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on the play-by-play of it all.

The Company
We’re pleased as punch to announce our company for The Collective Project 2012:

Mike Carter
Polly Churchill
Serena Haywood
Vanessa Wilkins

Tutku Barbaros
Nick Myles
Cat Robey
Ben Vardy

Oliver Britten
Adam Christopher Martin
John-Paul Conway
Siân Gordon
Danielle Nott
Carly Sheppard


Join Us – Tickets on sale now!

The Collective Project
1-5 October, 8pm; 6 October, 3pm & 8pm
Camden People’s Theatre
58-60 Hampstead Road, NW1 2PY
08444 77 1000
Tickets £12, £10 concessions

4 writers, 4 directors, 4 plays, 6 actors, 12 days — 1 group