The Significant Other Festival Company

We’ve started our journey for the first ever Significant Other Festival.
Our meet-and-greet day went swimmingly and we couldn’t have asked for a better company.  Everyone was on top form!

We’re pleased to officially announce our company for The Significant Other Festival 2012:

Mike Carter
Polly Churchill
Mark Clompus
Daniel Frankenburg
William Glenn
Serena Haywood
Guleraana Mir

Tutku Barbaros
Neil J. Byden
Lixi Chivas
Pieter Lawman
Adam Marchan
Rhiannon Robertson
Neil Sheppeck

Tess Alshibaya
Oliver Britten
Neil J. Byden
Ben Carpenter
Thomas Edge
Laura Kim
Adam Christopher Martin
Danielle Nott
Trish Parry
Sian Rees
Matt Schmolle
Carly Sheppard
Rhiannon Story
Ryan Wichert

We asked 7 writers to create a 7-minute play each in 7 days with the theme of the Significant Other. We handed the scripts over to a director and a company of 2 actors and gave them 7 days to stage it. The result is The Significant Other Festival – staged just before millions of couples celebrate Valentine’s Day.

By creating theatre in a confined period of time, we hope to capture what real people think and feel about love and relationships in the 21st century. Through this format, we are able to draw together a company of creative people from different backgrounds, and experience. The resulting mix may bring us short snippets of love, lust, hate, revenge, passion… but no one will really know until it begins. So join us, it’s all happening right now.