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Photo by Ben Carpenter

Pagan Love Songs for the Uninitiated

by Sue Balint
Directed by the company in collaboration with Anna Ehnold-Danailov

6-11 August, 3pm daily at the Etcetera Theatre
presented by The Pensive Federation, starring Neil J. Byden and Laura Kim
Tickets £7.50 Concessions £5, available now on the Camden Fringe Festival website.

In a series of sometimes separate, sometimes connected monologues, a man and a woman recount their lives and dreams. They discuss their observations of the everyday through the prism of their disconnected child-like worlds; they talk about their past, present and fears for a dark future which seems unavoidable. The play is an exploration of childhood recollections true, or embellished with the passage of time. The characters – a woman with a seemingly ideal upbringing whose parents gave her everything and a man who was raised single-handedly by his God-fearing mother – attempt to make sense of their lonely existences.